What are CSI Points?

CSI points are units which a member uses to pay for his holidays. CSI has fixed a value to each accommodation type, property category and day in terms of points. Thus with CSI, you don’t pay for your holidays with money but with the points which you possess.

How do CSI points differ from those of conventional vacation clubs?

CSI points are in fact similar to that of a vacation club. In traditional vacation club models, a member buys a fixed week, season, accommodation type and/ or a location. But the CSI points model allows you flexibility to plan your holiday at your own place. No longer are you tied to a season, accommodation, property category or the number of nights you can holiday. This gives you the flexibility to choose a holiday in CSI owned resorts or an affiliated resort or hotel in India or abroad at your convenience.

How do CSI points offer flexibility in utilizing vacations in different locations?

CSI offers you the flexibility to spend your vacation or business trip in your own style at your own convenience. If you utilize a higher category property, accommodation type and season, you would need to redeem more points. If you choose a lower category property, accommodation type or season, you save on your points. You could choose to holiday for just a day at a time.

Can I purchase extra CSI points?

Yes, you can purchase extra points that would be added every year in the total points entitled to you under your membership plan. You may do so by contacting customer service anytime during your membership and they will be happy to assist you.

How do I pay my CSI points?

You can pay for your CSI points through any of the below payment plans:

  • One time payment plan
  • EMI plan, please contact customer service.
When can I use CSI points?

You can use your CSI points anytime for any kind of travel – business, leisure, pilgrimage or heritage travel.

Where can I use CSI points?

At CSI owned resorts in Goa and also at over 3600 DAE affiliated hotels and resorts in around 100 countries worldwide.

I could not use my last year’s CSI points. Do they stand cancelled?

If you have a busy schedule and are unable to take vacation, you can accumulate your points for a maximum of three consecutive years.

How do I book my holidays?

To book your holidays you may send an email at customerservices@clubsanda.com or call at 0832-6697750.

What information should I keep handy while making my holiday booking?

You need to have following details when you are making your booking:

  • Membership number
  • Number of adults and children going on vacation
  • Name of the resort and destination
  • Check in / check out dates.
What documents should I carry at check-in?

Once your booking has been processed, you will receive a confirmation letter. Furnishing the confirmation letter and a copy of your photo id is a must as per guidelines of the Govt. of India.

If I need to change my plans after confirmation of my reservation, what do I need to do?

Cancellation policy is based on the rules of that particular hotel where the member has made the booking. For DAE exchange, the cancellation policy of DAE will apply.

How do I take holidays with DAE?

For DAE exchange, members need to deposit 189 points from their membership entitlement. It is better that you have the following details handy:

  • DAE membership number.
  • The dates on which you plan to go on vacation.