Membership Benefits

Benefits of Joining Club Sanda International

There are loads of benefits you can reap from becoming a member of Club Sanda International. In search of unforgettable holidays for a lifetime, then look no further! Club Sanda has got it all!

  • Freeze your holiday cost for next 25 years.
  • Being a Club Sanda member one can stay in 4* & 5* accommodation at 2* costs.
  • The flexibility with the points system allows a Club Sanda member to travel as per his holiday requirements.
  • Save thousands & thousands of rupees on your holiday cost.
  • Being a Club Sanda, member automatically opens a window for worldwide travel through Dial & Exchange any country across the globe that one can imagine.
  • The online booking system for worldwide travel offers transparency & instant booking facilities live.
  • Take as many holidays as you wish, simply by purchasing bonus weeks at unbeatable prices.
  • Being a part of Club Sanda, the member has the choice of gifting the holiday to friends, relatives or anyone without any additional charges.
  • Members can use the points against food & beverages at the Club Sanda Resorts without having to pay in cash for the food bill, if they choose to.
  • Members can book as many rooms he/she wishes, subject to how many points they have to trade & can also buy additional bonus points as much as they like.
  • As a member, all amenities like swimming pools, gymnasium, entertainment and activities are free.
  • As a member one has the right to use it, gift it, rent it, save the points to next year, borrow from next year & even sell it if there is no one to give the membership to.


Membership Scheme for Joining Club Sanda International

  • Membership Includes – Unlimited holidays for 10 years or 25 years.
  • Package includes stay @ our Resorts and DAE Affiliated Resort
  • They would also receive exclusive member discount on food & beverages ranging up to 25% on food based on the Resort they are staying at.
  • Members do have the option of redeeming if they wish.